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Were you or a loved one in a bus or truck accident? Attorney David Ranz, serving the greater Tacoma area, is ready to protect your rights and negotiate a fair settlement.

Truck and bus crashes happen when a truck or bus hits another truck, car, bus, passenger vehicle, motorcycle, bicyclist, pedestrian, people working near a road, animals, buildings, bridges, overpasses, or road signs. Because of their weight, height, and length, truck or bus accidents can damage or destroy anything in their path – causing extensive injuries, property damage, and even fatalities. When trucks and buses lose control, they can skid or slide for dozens of yards, crash through or tumble over barriers into traffic or waterways, and fling tires in any direction with tragic consequences.

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What To Do If You Have Been In a Truck or Bus Accident

  1. Get Medical Treatment Immediately: Whether at the emergency room, urgent care, your chiropractor, or your doctor. Prompt treatment is vital, and it creates a medical record for your case.
  2. Talk with an Experienced Attorney

Preserve Evidence for Your Truck or Bus Accident Case

Just like a car accident, evidence is an essential element in most legal matters. Photos of the accident scene, injuries, damage to your vehicle, personal and other property, and medical records can help strengthen your case.

  • Take Photos of The Accident Scene
    If possible, take photos of the collision location, road conditions, other vehicle positions, etc. Be thorough.
  • Take Photos of Your Injuries
    If you were injured in the accident, take photos to document all of your injuries.
  • Take Photos of Your Vehicle and Property in Your Vehicle
    Take clear photos of all the damage to your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or bicycle. Also, take photos of the property in your vehicle that was destroyed or damaged. That could include upgrades like an aftermarket sound system and personal possessions such as your laptop.
  • The Other Driver and Witnesses
    Get the contact information for the driver, their company, and witnesses.
  • Police Report and 911 Call
    Call 911 to report the accident and file a police report. We will obtain copies for your case.
  • Vehicle Inspection
    Have your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or bicycle inspected and get an estimate from an industry professional.
  • Medical Care and Reports
    Follow through on medical care to speed up and improve your recovery. Your medical team can provide reports about your injuries, care, and recovery.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Get answers and honest advice to put your mind at ease so you can start putting your life back together. Are insurance companies blowing up your phone with their calls? Call attorney David Ranz and relax. Your Ranz Injury Law team will handle all communication with your insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Car Was Destroyed in a Truck Accident – Who Will Pay to Fix or Replace It?

Our legal team will negotiate with the insurance companies to help get you back on the road so you can put your life back together and continue your medical treatment.

How Will I Pay All the Bills Piling Up Since My Accident?

Your paycheck has probably taken a hit: whether you are laid up and cannot work or miss work hours for medical appointments. Plus, you might have a lot of new bills – medical bills and bills for things you used to do yourself – house cleaning, yard care, grocery shopping, etc. Your Ranz Injury Law legal team will negotiate with the insurance companies to get the compensation you are entitled to for lost wages, medical bills, and help at home while you recover.

I Was In a Truck or Bus Accident – Do I Have a Case?

Every accident is unique. Call or text truck accident attorney David Ranz for a no-cost, no-obligation case evaluation. David has represented many people injured in truck and bus accidents. You will get answers to your questions and an honest assessment so you can determine what is best for you.

What Is My Truck or Bus Accident Case Worth?

Every case has unique circumstances. Call or text experienced truck and bus accident attorney David Ranz for a no-cost, no-obligation case evaluation. You will get an honest assessment over the phone.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Truck or Bus Accident Attorney?

You pay no fee out of pocket. Our no-obligation initial case evaluation is free. If you retain Ranz Injury Law to represent you, our fee will come out of your settlement. There are no fees if there is no settlement.

What to Know Before You Talk with Insurance Companies

You may get many calls from insurance companies after a truck or bus accident. It may not work in your favor to talk with them about your accident. For example, when they ask how you are doing, answering Pretty good or I’m fine could hinder your case. Insurance companies train their friendly employees to reduce payouts. Your inexperience puts you at a disadvantage. We know their ploys, we know the law, and we know your rights. Your experienced truck and bus accident attorney at Ranz Injury Law is ready to help. When you retain Ranz Injury Law, one of the first things we do is notify the insurance companies to contact us, so you can focus on getting better.

Hire An Experienced Truck and Bus Accident Attorney

Truck and bus accident cases are typically much more challenging than car accidents. Your Ranz Injury Law team has the experience, expertise, and dedication to negotiate your accident case.

  • Establishing fault. Unlike a car accident, with truck and bus accidents, there are extensive investigations to determine the factors that lead to a truck or bus accident and determine which party or parties are at fault. In addition, there are state and federal regulations that truck and bus drivers are required to follow but may ignore to meet company deadlines or earn financial incentives. Those at fault might include the driver, the company or municipality that owned the truck, trailer, or bus, vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies, mechanics, etc.
  • Third-Party Claim Administrators. Specialty claim administration companies often manage truck and bus accident cases. Knowing how to work effectively with these claim administrators is crucial to keeping your case moving to the finish line.
  • Severe Injuries. Truck and bus accidents tend to be severe because trucks and buses are large, heavy, and plow over and through so much before they come to a stop.

Truck and Bus Accidents Facts

In Washington State, in 2019, heavy trucks accounted for more than five times more crashes than buses; trucks had 6,708 crashes and buses had 1,146 crashes.

  • Fatal crashes – trucks 72 and buses 6
  • Suspected serious injury crashes – trucks 100 and buses 20
  • Suspected minor injury crashes – trucks 366 and buses 69
  • Possible injuries – trucks 916 and buses 201
  • No apparent injuries– trucks 5,254 and buses 850

In Washington state, in 2019, 8 out of 9 school bus crashes also involved a heavy truck, and 7 of 9 were intersection-related crashes.

Across the USA in 2019, approximately 57 percent of all fatal crashes involving large trucks happened in rural areas and on Interstate highways.

Across the USA in 2019, crashes between a truck and a bicyclist, pedestrian, or non-motorized vehicle accounted for 21 percent of all fatal crashes, 14 percent of all injury cases, and 22 percent of all property damage-only crashes.

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