Getting behind the wheel can be anxiety-inducing, especially when traffic fatalities reached a 16-year high in 2021. Crashes involving driver impairment and speeding have increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Drivers in Federal Way, Washington, might understand this issue all too well. With a rash of traffic fatalities in 2022, and concerns over risky behavior like street racing, navigating the roads and highways around Federal Way can be difficult. In particular, a recent study found that a stretch of State Route 99 (SR 99), known locally as Highway 99 and Pacific Highway South, that runs from Federal Way, Washington, to Kent, Washington is one of Washington State’s deadliest roads. A fatal accident occurred on average every 1.2 miles.

“. . . a stretch of Pacific Highway South. . . from Federal Way, Washington, to Kent, Washington is one of Washington State’s deadliest roads. . .”

However, the everyday choices you make while driving can help keep you safe wherever your trip takes you. Whether you are commuting from Federal Way, Washington across King County, or across Washington state, at Ranz Law, we want you to feel safe and confident on the roads. Your team at Ranz Law knows car accidents inside and out, and we use our knowledge of the Federal Way area, greater Puget Sound, and Washington State to bring you our safe driving tips, so you can make every drive your safest yet.

Safe Driving Tips For State Route 99 Near Federal Way, Washington

  1. Protect yourself from getting rear-ended by checking your mirrors frequently and gently applying your brakes with plenty of time to come to a complete stop when approaching a stoplight or slowdown. If you slam on your brakes at the last minute, it increases the risk that drivers behind you will not be able to stop in time to avoid hitting you.
  2. Save yourself the stress and injury of rear-ending someone by leaving a safe following distance (minimum of 3-4 seconds, more depending on road conditions), especially on highways like Hwy 99. This gives you time to react safely to a sudden stop or erratic behavior.
  3. Avoid becoming one of the nine people killed in the United States each day in accidents reported to involve a distracted driver: remain vigilant, be aware of other drivers, and do not text while driving.
  4. Do not drink and drive: roughly 30% of traffic crash fatalities in the United States involve drunk drivers. When in doubt, call an Uber or Lyft, designate a sober driver, or take public transportation.
  5. On longer trips, aim for a 15+ minute break every two hours, alternate drivers if possible, and pull into a rest stop if you feel tired. According to the National Safety Council, an estimated 6,400 people die in drowsy driving accidents each year.
  6. Adjust your driving for hazardous weather conditions and check your route’s weather before you leave.
  7. Avoid driving on State Route 99 between Kent and Federal Way.

Take the Stress Off Your Shoulders with Ranz Law

Despite our best efforts, car accidents, motorcycle collisions, and even truck and bus accidents occur. While we hope the above tips help you feel safer on Hwy 99 and other Washington roads, in the event of an accident, Ranz Law will help you get justice and your best chance at a fair settlement. At Ranz Law, we know the stress caused by dealing with physical injuries and other forms of trauma after an accident. David Ranz is an experienced car accident attorney who will go above and beyond to understand your unique situation and advocate for your best interests throughout the legal process.

In the event of an accident, insurance adjusters are trained to settle your case quickly and for as little as possible. The full costs of your recovery take time to determine and can include costs you might not even realize at first. A study by the Insurance Research Council found that hiring a personal injury attorney increased both the settlement amount and the likelihood of receiving a settlement. Traffic accident lawyer David Ranz has extensive experience representing car and motorcycle accident victims. Ranz Law will work to help you get justice and your best chance of a fair settlement that will allow you to get back to living your life. You can rest easy knowing your best interests will be protected every step of the way.

If you or a loved one are involved in a car, motorcycle, or other traffic accident in Federal Way, or anywhere in Washington state, call or text Ranz Law at (206) 429-5227 for free, no-obligation case evaluation. If you retain Ranz Law to represent you, there are no attorney’s fees if there is no settlement.


“. . . a stretch of Pacific Highway South. . . from Federal Way, Washington, to Kent, Washington is one of Washington State’s deadliest roads. . .”