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  • Mar 10th, 2024

Why Are Tesla Car Accident Rates So High?

According to a survey conducted by LendingTree over the course of a year, Tesla drivers were found to have the highest rate of accidents among various car brands, with 23.54 accidents per 1,000 drivers. But why are Tesla drivers so much more likely to be involved in an accident? 

While the exact reasons behind Tesla's high accident rate remain unclear, it is evident that the brand's association with speed and performance plays a significant role in attracting drivers who may drive more aggressively. 

Exploring the Data

According to this study conducted by Lending Tree, Tesla drivers rank number 1 for highest accidents rate, among only 3 car brands that had a rate over 20%. Other car brands that ranked high on the list include Ram, Subaru, and Mazda. 

This collection of vehicles most likely to be involved in a wreck is especially interesting because of sheer inclusivity. Each of the top 3 brands is known to produce hugely different body styles, model features, and maneuverability. 

Here are the top 10 brands most likely to be involved in an accident: 



Accidents per 1,000 drivers































What Does This Mean?

Among all the brands analyzed, Tesla drivers exhibited the highest accident rate. Over the year that these brands were analyzed, Tesla drivers experienced 23.54 accidents per 1,000 drivers. It is difficult to say for sure why this is but factors such as horsepower and technology can have an effect on driver safety. 

Potential Causes of Tesla Accidents

While Tesla vehicles are celebrated for their innovative technology and high-performance features, they also face unique challenges that may contribute to higher accident rates. 

Powerful Acceleration

Tesla's electric vehicles are known for their rapid acceleration, capable of reaching high speeds in a short amount of time. While exhilarating for drivers, this feature may tempt some to engage in reckless driving behavior, such as speeding or sudden lane changes, increasing the risk of accidents.

Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Technologies

Tesla's Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) technologies offer advanced driver-assist features designed to enhance safety and convenience. However, misuse or overreliance on these systems can lead to complacency and inattentiveness behind the wheel, potentially resulting in accidents.

Driver Behavior and Experience

The behavior and experience level of Tesla drivers can significantly impact accident rates. Inexperienced or distracted drivers may struggle to properly control their vehicles, while aggressive or impatient drivers may engage in risky maneuvers, increasing the likelihood of collisions.

Vehicle Design and Maintenance

While Tesla vehicles are engineered with cutting-edge safety features, they are still susceptible to design flaws or maintenance issues that could contribute to accidents. Malfunctions in crucial systems such as brakes or steering could compromise vehicle control, posing a safety hazard on the road.

Driver Education and Training

Adequate driver education and training are essential for safe operation of any vehicle, but this is especially problematic for Teslas. Lack of familiarity with Tesla's unique features or insufficient training on how to properly engage with Autopilot and FSD systems could contribute to accidents among Tesla drivers.

Common Misconceptions About Tesla Accidents

Despite the prevalence of accidents involving Tesla vehicles, several misconceptions persist regarding their causes and implications. The most common misconception about car accidents involving Tesla vehicles is that all accidents are solely the fault of their Autopilot and FSD systems. In reality, while driver-assist features can contribute to accidents if misused or relied upon improperly, they are not always the primary cause of Tesla accidents.

Another misconception is that Tesla's reputation for innovation and safety is unwarranted in light of its accident rates. While Tesla vehicles are equipped with advanced safety features and have achieved high safety ratings in crash tests, accidents can still occur due to various factors beyond the control of the vehicle manufacturer. This does not take away from the technology in place to keep the car’s occupants as safe as possible. 

Are Electric Cars More Dangerous?

Some may mistakenly believe that electric vehicles, including Teslas, are inherently more dangerous than traditional gasoline-powered cars. However, studies have shown that electric vehicles are generally as safe, if not safer, than their conventional counterparts. 

Electric cars have “simpler” electric elements than gas-powered cars. The lack of a combustion engine alone makes electric vehicles more stable alternatives and remove certain risk factors during an accident. 

In reality, Tesla's focus on vehicle design, battery safety, and advanced driver-assist technologies further mitigates the risk of injuries in the case of accidents.

How Can Tesla Drivers Combat These Issues?

The only way to fight back against these kinds of over-inflated accident stats is to be proactive.  Take charge of your safety and well-being by becoming better acquainted with your car and its many safety features. By better understanding the capabilities and limitations of these systems, you can make informed decisions and exercise caution when engaging driver-assist features.

Additionally, maintaining situational awareness and staying attentive while using Autopilot or FSD can further help mitigate the risk of accidents caused by overreliance on automated systems. Even with advanced technology at your disposal, it is important that you remain actively engaged any time you are behind the wheel. 

By remaining vigilant on the road, you can use Tesla’s luxury systems to enhance your overall safety on the road.

What to Do if You Are Involved in a Car Accident With a Tesla?

Being involved in any kind of car accident can be a daunting experience, but knowing the proper steps to take can help protect your safety and legal rights. 

If you find yourself in this situation, here are some important steps to follow:

  • Check for injuries
  • Move away from oncoming traffic
  • Report the accident to law enforcement
  • Exchange information with the other party
  • Document, document, document
  • Report the accident to your insurance provider
  • Contact an attorney to protect your rights

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