Reviews for Federal Way Attorney David Ranz

Ebony Christopher
03:47 22 Mar 23
David is professional, affordable, and knowledgeable on the law. He works deligently to bring justice to his clients. I am very fortunate to have this law firm on my side!
Rachael Long
11:50 18 Mar 23
David is a great lawyer and helped me get the most for the accidents I was in.
Nicholle Jaquith
18:52 04 Mar 23
THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORKDave Ranz helped our family and was outstanding. Kept us informed of what was happening in the case.I am satisfied and grateful of the results. We never would have been able to do this legal stuff without his help.Thanks again for all your hard work I'm glad I chose you to represent us.PS I have referred you to several people.⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Kevin Jaquith
18:34 04 Mar 23
More than ExpectedI got more than I expected. I never had a question unanswered. Dave Ranz is knowledgeable and determined. I am very satisfied. I think you did a marvelous job. I never had to lift a finger or do anything myself. You did it all.My appreciation is beyond words, thank you.
Joe Roman
06:04 04 Mar 23
I was very pleased with his service's and his patients beings he had to wait on me to do a couple things which slowed things down a little. I plan on recommending him to a friend.Thank you David
Sheila Barraza
17:50 24 Feb 23
My experience with David has been nothing but incredible! I was in a car accident and was told by another Law firm that I didn’t have a case. I was lucky to find David and he made me feel heard and told me I had a case. Sure enough, he didn’t give up until Justice was made. I can’t thank Dave and his team enough! I would definitely recommend David, 12/10!
Amber Neumann
18:48 14 Jan 23
I highly recommend Ranz Law for Personal Injury advice. I was treated with “kid gloves.”
katrina henderson
03:24 06 Jan 23
David was so kind, knowledgeable, and professional! He took on my case and immediately got to work. David was able to get me back more money than we initially thought we’d receive. I would recommend his services to anyone who’s looking for a lawyer that is professional, reliable, responsive, has integrity and is honest. David and his team are the best choice that anyone could make when looking for a lawyer. Ranz Law, PLLC, thank you!!
Ilda C Garcia
21:42 03 Dec 22
Adrian Pratt
23:31 22 Nov 22
Amazing legal help. Was genuine. Smart and well spoken. Gave very credible referrals. David is his name. Promote David Please.
Nelson Caver
00:29 18 Nov 22
David is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, definitely recommended!
Charles Sponberg
01:49 02 Nov 22
Sophia Dannehl
12:29 25 Oct 22
Cristy Frey
07:10 25 Oct 22
David Ranz law firm was a pleasure to deal with. I received truly helpful consultation and representation on my case. They are very knowledgeable about car accident injury law and how to deal with insurance companies. The staff is very responsive and respectful. I definitely recommend you give them a call should you have a legal questions about any type of injury cases.They go out of their way to make sure you get what you deserve.
Justin Colombi
16:27 29 Sep 22
David went above and beyond my expectations. He believed me and he fought for Justice against what I call the big Corporate Insurance Industrial Complex. I know if it wasn't for him I would of been destroyed emotionally, financially and spiritually 🙏 Thank You so much . Im forever grateful
22:34 24 Aug 22
David was amazing and efficient. Great at communicating as well. 10/10 would use him again.
Camillw Scott
18:51 21 Jun 22
I am so happy with the settlement David Ranz got me. It was more than I expected. He made the insurance co. understand the pain and suffering I endured and got me the top pay out. After they kept low-balling me he kept at it after several offers we got the top settlement without going to court. He really worked hard in negotiations and it showed with my settlement. I highly recommend anyone involved in a wreck to look up David Ranz Law.
Emiliano Garcia
22:43 12 Jun 22
sarah mckinney
18:12 29 Mar 22
Ranz Law was amazing to work with! We had the best results you can ask for with the settlement! If you’re looking for an honest and dedicated lawyer David Ranz is the one to call!
00:21 17 Mar 22
David was a tremendous help to me and made the whole process of settling my insurance claim stress free! He always kept me up to date and was quick to respond back to my emails. I will definitely be recommending Ranz law to my family and friends.
Sharon Garceau
00:08 12 Feb 22
We are so thankful for so many things. David stayed present with us throughout the issues of an insurance claim that had gone bad in our hands. He was great at communicating with us the processes, hardworking and persevered to a great outcome. You definitely want him on your side!!!
Sarah Charbonneau
21:57 29 Jan 22
David was an absolute delight to work with. Patient, caring and guided us through the process for our case on our consultation. He was incredibly I formative and his staff was equally amazing.
Jose Monroy Montiel
23:09 28 Jan 22
Really good service 100% recommended
11:17 08 Jan 22
Dave and his team are amazing! He gave me hope when I wasn’t sure which way to go! Highly recommended!
Dennis Crabb
16:52 09 Dec 21
Working with Ranz Law,PLLC was a pleasure. David Ranz and office staffer Jessica were so much help to us. When this all went down I had told David that I would be traveling for my retirement. Thank you Dennis warned Jessica that I wasn’t very good at the computer but she walked me through everything. Our biggest problem was me getting connected to Wi-Fi. They were so dang patient.All in all I’m very pleased with what I got. David worked hard so all my bills were taken care of. Wasn’t easy because he and Jessica had to do a lot of searching for my records from my medical doctors.Thanks again David and Jessica GREAT JOB!!I will be glad to refer you to ANY of my friends and family. Thank you Dennis:)
Ny'quise Gallagher
03:58 26 Nov 21
Mr. David Ranz, was/is amazing!! He made my entire process very positive yet honest, he responds quickly and is extremely knowledgeable on various laws and insurance policies. 10/10!!!! I recommend David Ranz
M Yev
21:36 09 Nov 21
Very helpful
01:23 07 Oct 21
Maria Yerena
18:28 04 Aug 21
Absolutely loved David, was always checking up on you, would explain things to you if you didn’t understand, did his best to help you out and helped get the price you deserved. Would contact him again if I ever get in another accident and definitely reccomend him to friends
Shannon R Wing
20:06 19 Jul 21
I could not be happier with Ranz Law and David Ranz! He and his team are professional, responsive and knowledgeable.My personal injury case was complicated by other legal factors. David and the Ranz Team listened carefully to undertand all the moving parts. They then used this information to get the best possible settlement for me without needing to resort to litigation.David even reduced his fee as a courtesy to me. I would definitely hire Ranz Law in the future, and I will recommend Ranz Law to my family, friends, and colleagues.
eunice yang
06:17 08 Jul 21
Would definitely recommend! David is very kind, professional and communicative.
April Gallagher
19:44 10 Jun 21
David was extremely professional, compassionate and responsive throughout the entire process and that was impressive but above everything else he has integrity higher than the mountains. He puts his clients first regardless of the situation.Most people will do what’s in their best interest and more so in business where they make money. It’s refreshing to work with someone who truly has his clients best interest at heart. If you’re reading this then rest assured you are making the right choice by working with Ranz Law.
Casie Carr
17:08 21 May 21
David went above and beyond to take care of me. As soon as he became a part of my case he made sure to always help me understand what was going on and how to proceed. He was always in communication with me as well. I highly recommend him. I can't say enough good stuff about him.
Dontel Ball
22:35 02 Apr 21
22:06 20 Mar 21
Jessica Wilkins
22:33 21 Dec 20
Virginia love
01:54 15 Dec 20
He works very hard to get u a settlementHe is caring and will get back with u himself not some third body person that u never meet. When u call him u talk to him the same day. And even if u send him a text he gets right back to you fast he is a very good lawyer 👍😁
Daniel Person
21:17 08 Dec 20
David was exceptional as he was very responsive, clear and concise with every aspect of the process and what I need to get done for him to help me out. I would highly recommend him for yourself or any friends and/or family that would need his services or his consultation. He will get the job done. Thanks again David! You rock!-Dan P.
Kelli Temeyosa
17:05 04 Dec 20
Ranz handled my case with great determination. He was very professional, easy to work with and always quick to respond to any questions I had. I’m very thankful he was recommended to me and would use his service again if needed. I highly recommend David Ranz.
Willie McGuire
21:36 20 Nov 20
Great people and very informative, made sure I was up to date on every procedure..
Rhonda Parker
21:52 11 Nov 20
David handled everything with my case,all I had to do was wait for him to settle my case. He's very responsive,any time I had a question,he was there to answer it. Thank you David for all your hard work! If I ever find myself in need of your services, you can bet, you are the attorney I will call first!!
Luis Bravo
19:46 02 Oct 20
I have used David for all my accidents and he did whatever he can to make me feel satisfied. He will keep you updated on everything, saved me a lot of money so I wouldn’t pay my deductible from my insurance and etc. I highly recommend this office and they will make you happy with the outcome.
Shari McCready
22:12 30 Sep 20
David has been dealing with 3 major car accident between my husband and myself and he has been so extremely helpful and the night of the second accident I called him on my way to the accident sit and he made sure I knew everything I needed to get and from the other driver he has gone above and beyond any attorney I have ever met. If you need an attorney he is your guy 100% hands down best in the PNW
Tricia Ramos
01:19 13 Aug 20
I really appreciated working with Dave. He was responsive and easy to work with.
Jenifer Patton
23:34 12 Aug 20
Very responsive to my needs they kept me well informed of the situations. Highly recommended professionals.
Jesse Nyren
00:51 01 Aug 20
Mr. Ranz is an outstanding attorney. He’s dedicated to helping you through out your whole case and he’s very attentive to all of your needs. He’s very professional and easy to work with! I highly recommend Ranz Law to anyone needing a great attorney that they can count on to fight for them !!!
Bruce Cyra
18:51 16 Jun 20
Dave Ranz takes a personal approach to his cases, and will do all the hard work to get results for his clients!
Joe Starchild
18:50 03 Jun 20
Mr Ranz was a pleasure to work with regarding my settlement dispute. He was very informative every step of the way and kept me in the loop with every detail. I referred him to a few friends already and I recommend him to anyone else that are in need of council.
Jonathan Bullis
21:30 22 May 20
David did an outstanding job on my case. He kept me informed on all aspects of my case and he followed through even after the judge signed the order. He is very knowledgeable, experienced, and attentive. Most of all, he is compassionate and understanding, which I find are qualities that most other lawyers lack. I highly recommend David, not only because of his legal skills, but also because of his work ethic, his professionalism, and his dedication to his clients.
Nasra Hair Whisperer
23:58 18 May 20
Diane Dimakis
18:20 15 May 20
Outstanding service that totally beat my expectations. Very detail oriented and know how to negotiate with the insurance companies to get the maximum settlement. I will definitely use this firm again if needed and refer friends and family.
18:12 04 Mar 20
This is my third time using David Ranz as my attorney, which means I’ve been in three car accidents. I think he did a good job as an attorney for all three of my cases, hopefully I’ll never have to use him again because that would mean I got in another accident. If I did I did I would definitely use him again and I highly recommend him. I was very happy with my settlement.
Tony (Zone)
07:51 06 Feb 20
Awesome lawyer, chill vibe, gets stuff done and keep you inform with all proceedings as they happen. I will seek him again for legal counsel if necessary circumstances happen.
Patrick Mason-Ramos
01:26 11 Jan 20
He’s done an amazing job and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He’s very knowledgeable and was very willing to work with my situation every step of the way. I am blessed to have someone like him represent me and would recommend him to anyone that has to go through a reckless/dui process. Absolutely grateful for his representation and couldn’t be happier and I cannot stress there isn’t enough thank you’s that could be said about Mr. Ranz
21:02 19 Dec 19
David Ranz is on amazing lawyer! I'm so glad that I was able to have him represent my case, overall through every step of the way he kept me updated and did everything he could for the best outcome. You will notice how caring, dedicated and supportive he is through your whole case. I would recommend him to anyone. I read his reviews before meeting with him, and after meeting with him I could see all his reviews did represent him and now after my case I'm glad I had him representing my case!
Amanda Pham
00:58 13 Dec 19
David Ranz is an amazing lawyer. He stayed on top of my case and always kept me in the loop. I’m so grateful to him and his staff for being responsive, professional, kind, and amazing. Thank you David and team for all you’ve done!!! 🙂
yuuko xu
21:52 30 Oct 19
David helps me to get my diminished value in the car accident and my some out of pocket money that my insurance didnt want to pay during the claim process. I almost not took any effort in the whole process and David helped to deal with all problems. Really good experience.
21:02 04 Oct 19
David is a great lawyer, he makes things a lot easier!
Matt Jones
18:56 16 Aug 19
Super good experience, would and have recommended him to friends and family.
17:13 15 Jul 19
David was so understanding and explained everything every step of the way! He made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole case. I would recommend Ranz Law to ANYONE for ANYTHING!! Thank you again for taking such great care of my case.
Ali Dofelmire
01:02 04 Jun 19
Highly recommend! I thought I could handle all of my accident stuff by myself but I was wrong. I got ahold of Arabs law and it was smooth sailing from there! I didn’t have to do a thing!
Justin Elsner
23:46 30 Apr 19
David Ranz is a very compassionate lawyer who fights hard for his clients. I’ve worked with David on cases and trust his legal judgment. I highly recommend him.
shar johnson
21:30 02 Apr 19
Mr.Ranz was amazing. I even moved out of state and he made everything super easy ! He even got me almost double the amount I was told . Service was fast and efficient I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone . He is easy to talk to and will get the job done especially after dealing with a different company all they did was give me the run around for months he jumped right in and now everything is complete and I am very happy with my outcome.
Kevin Washington
01:04 14 Feb 19
It is a breath of fresh air to finally have a lawyer that cares about you and goes the extra mile for you. David does that and he has a client for life because of the type of character he is. Thank you David once again
Jacquelyn Carson
15:55 06 Feb 19
I called and spoke with David Ranz and I could not be more satisfied with his level of professionalism and concern. As a real estate agent I was in a deal with a judgment looming that could have caused our deal to fall through. David took an interest in understanding every detail of my transaction. This made me confident in his recommendation to satisfy our problem. David is clearly very knowledgeable and his response time is a 5 star in itself. I am so thankful I called him and would highly recommend his services!
RJ Ermola
07:02 23 Jan 19
I highly recommend Dave for your legal needs. He is passionate about his clients and willing to go above and beyond.
Chris Vulgamore
02:09 23 Jan 19
David truly cares about his clients and is a passionate advocate for them. He is down-to- earth and works tirelessly on your behalf. He actually listens to what you have to say and treats you with respect. You won’t find anyone else who will fight harder for you to obtain justice!
Noname Omit
21:15 09 Jan 19
My experience was surprising. He was honest about my case- which I consider unususl. I had been in contact with other attorneys and they kept hidden truths and only partially honest.I consider this a very strong point because if someone is not honest about your case and the financial pros and cons, you are up against a fantasy that is not grounded.Also, David Ranz is thorough and really working for you. A breakthrough in us poor guys needing help.

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