A DUI Arrest Can Happen to Anyone

DUIs happen to ordinary, everyday people – one too many drinks with friends, an evening that lasted a little too long…

Attorney David Ranz, based in Federal Way, defends people from all walks of life who face a DUI charge – lawyers, doctors, school teachers, college students, parents, government employees, tech employees, grocery clerks, nurses – you name it.

A DUI conviction is permanent and, with mandatory minimum penalties, can severely impact your life.

  • You may go to jail.
  • You could lose your driver’s license.
  • You could lose your professional license or certification to practice as a doctor, dentist, nurse, attorney, or other professional.
  • You may be placed on up to 5 years of probation.
  • You may have to get an ignition interlock device.
  • You may have to get high-risk insurance (SR-22).
  • You may have to attend a DUI victim impact panel.
  • You could be required to attend alcohol classes.
  • You could be restricted from entry into Canada.

Is this your second arrest for DUI? ​The penalties are MUCH more severe for a second DUI and above.

Being arrested for a DUI may be one of the scariest times of your life. Having an experienced and confident attorney by your side is important.

Attorney David Ranz stays up-to-date with changes in DUI laws and knows how to defend all types of DUIs in Washington State.

  • Blood Test DUI
  • Breath Test DUI
  • Boating Under the Influence (BUI)
  • Marijuana DUI

Just because you were accused of DUI doesn’t mean you are guilty.

  • The officer’s field sobriety test may have been inaccurate
  • You may not have been over the legal limit
  • Errors may have been made

David will fight for a dismissal or may negotiate for an amendment to a lesser charge that is more appropriate for the facts of your case, such as reckless driving or negligent driving. From the start, David will listen carefully to your side of the story, gather evidence to fight your DUI charge, and work hard to get the best outcome possible. While there is never a promise of how a case will turn out, David will give you honest assessments as your case progresses, contact you promptly when there is news about your case, and get the best result he can for you!

Prompt Communication

When you work with attorney David Ranz will receive courteous and attentive service. You will be notified promptly when there is a change or update in your case. David personally answers most phone calls and texts, including after hours. You can count on David to give you direct, honest answers to your questions.

Our office is conveniently located in Federal Way through we typically meet clients near their home or work in greater Seattle, the Eastside, all over South Puget Sound, and throughout Western Washington. Let us know what is convenient for you. We represent clients throughout Washington State.

Free, Confidential Case Evaluation

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